Pure Market Express


appetizing enzyme rich, nutrient dense, slices of heaven!


You love how eating raw, living food makes you feel and look, but who has time for sprouting and dehydrating and taking up full-time residency in the kitchen? You’re committed to healthful living and could stand to shed some pounds, but eat like a bird? Never! Food—hearty, flavorful, crave-worthy food—is to be savored and celebrated!

Pure Market Express is your personal chef, your raw support system, your necessary indulgence. (One has to eat, after all!) We prepare our raw, vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks daily from fresh, primarily organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. There’s no meat, dairy, refined sugar or preservatives, making Pure Market a dream come true for vegetarians, lactose intolerants and those following other dietary paths as well.

Order a week’s worth of meals. Or pick and choose among entrees. Or just load up on ice cream. Whatever you like, we’ll deliver it wherever in the continental U.S. your appetite is parked.

Set the table. Deliciousness is but a day away. Find out more!

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