The Benefits Of Eating Natural Food

The 2019 natural food conference made it clear that overall health must be an individual’s priority. With that, there is an emphasis on being careful in food intake. That is why professional speakers in the conference promote choosing natural products instead of buying items that contain a lot of preservatives. But what are the specific benefits of eating natural food?


Heart Health And Disease Prevention

Yes, natural food helps prevent cardiovascular disease, primarily the ones that involve the heart’s blood vessels. And since a considerable percentage of cardiovascular diseases are caused by stroke, a lifestyle change is a must. Therefore, if an individual will start to eliminate bad habits of eating salty and unhealthy food, they can lower down heart-related illnesses. Since natural food like green vegetables and fruits contains the necessary minerals to strengthen the heart, it is an option that an individual should choose.

Reduced Cancer-Risk

An unhealthy diet eventually leads to certain types of illness, and cancer is one of them. It is the most unpredictable conditions one can experience. But a study shows that natural food reduces the risk of having it. That is because fruits and vegetables are the known source of fiber and phytochemicals that eliminates harmful chemicals in the body. Natural food contains antioxidants such as lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, and E.


Encourages Weight Loss

Aside from reducing the risk of chronic conditions, eating natural food is the best and healthiest way for weight loss. That is because fruits and vegetables are low in calories, which makes them the most beneficial source of energy. And if fiber becomes part of a healthful diet as well, it sure adds more advantages to weight management. So if a person follows dietary guidelines and reduces their calorie intake, he can expect to shed some pounds in no time.


Supports And Improved Mental Health

Natural food contains a lot of nutrients that do not only support the physical attributes but caters to the mental needs as well. Nutrients like flavonoids and polyphenols, vitamin D, C, and E, and omega-3 fatty acids prove to be beneficial in preventing cognitive decline. Aside from that, natural food that contains antioxidants can also lower down stress, mental fatigue, anxiety, and depression. But while a healthy diet with natural food helps, it is also essential for people with severe mental health conditions to consult professional care.

The Health Benefits Of Herbs And Spices


No snack or meal should be without spices and herbs. Food is made tastier by spices and herbs. Spices and herbs also provide health benefits. People should regularly cook using spices and herbs. And it is often better to use several spices and herbs at the same time.

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What I Learned From The 2015 North Las Vegas Food Expo


When I joined the 2015 North Las Vegas Food Expo, I was a newbie then. I was quite overwhelmed with the large venue and the number of participants. At the same time, I was so excited to listen to the speakers who were experts in the field of investing in food and beverage products. Present also were several investors in small and big food brands that were eager to grow their food business in Las Vegas.

As an amateur food entrepreneur, I grasped a lot of important information on the trending food flavors of the year. Since then, the Las Vegas Food Expo has been held annually.

Are you curious about what’s in a food expo? If you are undecided, read on and find out why you should try and attend a vegas food expo.

  1. Get to know wholesale and retail sellers and buyers. The event is filled with importers, exporters, grocery food chain managers, distributors, and restaurant and bar owners. They attend to see what’s new, affordable and trending in the food industry. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, then display your product. Provide enough samplers so everybody that’s anybody can try it out.
  2. Share your story. Nobody knows your story better than you do. Tell them about your experience buying or selling small-time, and your dreams of going big. This is great for customer and business relationships as well.
  3. Network with others. This is the best part of joining a food expo. Aside from selling your food brand, you get to learn a lot from other vendors like you, and those that have had more experience and have a lot of lessons to share with you. You’ll know the latest trends in the industry, not to mention being able to have a snack with one of them perhaps!

Food expos are among the most productive events that would benefit the community and its members as a whole. Check out that expo in your town, or the town next to yours!





Natural Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight


Different foods have varying effects on your body. Your hormones and your appetite will be affected differently by different kinds of food. The number of calories you burn can depend on the type of food that you eat. Below are some foods that will help you lose weight.

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Discussing The Health Benefits Of Outdoor Adventures At The 2016 Minneapolis Healthy Lifestyle Expo

Attended by a lot of participants from different backgrounds, the 2016 Minneapolis healthy lifestyle expo successfully discussed the health benefits of outdoor play for grown-ups. Let’s admit it. We all have this seemingly same thinking that outdoor activities are for children. We, as adults, would mostly stay in our homes, or maybe go on a small vacation but then again, with minimal physical activities.

The Health Benefits Of Outdoor Physical Activities

Mere exercise or workout sessions outside our houses (such as jogging, running, brisk walking to name a few) can become boring for most people. Without any motivation, such exercises can become dull and repetitive. Thus, most people would just let them go and opt to stay in the house. However, outdoor activities are far from being boring. Other than the enjoyment itself, here are the health benefits brought by outdoor adventures:

  1. Increased productivity. Feeling blue and out of energy lately? You need a boost! The challenge and the increased physical movement of outdoor activities will give you a new sense of alertness, improved balance, and a new desire to be active every day.
  2. Improved emotional well-being. Outdoor activities will let you breathe in cooler and natural air to give your mind a clearer line of thinking. Outdoor adventures are usually activities involving nature and seeing the greens. It’s proven to be therapeutic as well.
  3. Better social skills. These adventures require you to communicate with other people who are also having fun with your chosen activity. It will grow your social circle and make new friends along the way.

Activities That Adults Can Do 

Examples of simple outdoor activities and fun adventures that we grown-ups can do and enjoy are the following:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Bicycling
  • Watersports
  • Horseback riding
  • Kayaking 

The speakers have effectively convinced participants to join or even plan their own outdoor adventures. It was indeed a great expo, as it also did promote the health and social benefits of the often taken for granted adventures. Said manager Rudi Hargesheimer, “Everything about it(expo) is good.”


How Food Can Serve As Medicine – Part 2


Research has shown that your health is strengthened by a diet that is low in products that are processed and high in plant foods. The Mediterranean diet is abundant in vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. It lowers the likelihood of obesity, some forms of cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative conditions, and heart disease. Paleo diets and diets that are based on whole foods and based on plants protect against illnesses. Certain diets may even reverse specific health conditions. Coronary artery disease can be reversed by a diet that is based on plants. Type 2 diabetes can be eliminated in some individuals by a lifestyle that is very low in carbohydrates.

Can Food Treat Diseases?

Specific diets can increase the likelihood of disease, while others can lower it. However, diet alone cannot prevent or treat all conditions. A bad diet can increase the risk of disease, but other factors should also be considered. Lifestyle choices, occupational hazards, infections, age, pollution, stress, and genetics all affect the likelihood of disease.

A healthy diet can lower the likelihood of disease. However, food should not be used as a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. Medicine is created and developed to treat illnesses and save lives. It may be very dangerous to replace medical treatment with diet alone. It may even be fatal.

Research studies exist that prove particular food can help with certain health conditions. However, there are also many false claims. For instance, some diets are claimed to be a cure for cancer. But these claims do not have any research studies backing them.

Foods With Medicinal Qualities

Many research studies have shown that berries contain plant compounds and nutrients that help combat illnesses. Diets abundant in berries helps protect the body against some forms of cancer and certain chronic conditions. Antioxidants can be found in cruciferous vegetables such as kale and broccoli. Diets abundant in cruciferous vegetables increase longevity and lowers the likelihood of heart disease.


Large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fatty fish such as sardines and salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids lower the likelihood of heart disease and reduce inflammation. Mushrooms such as reishi and maitake contain compounds that boost an individual’s brain, heart, and immune system.

Beneficial plant compounds can be found in spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. Research has shown that turmeric helps in the treatment of metabolic syndrome and arthritis. Also, natural flavor is added to dishes by herbs such as sage, rosemary, oregano, and parsley. These herbs also contain compounds that promote health.


Much research has been done on the health benefits of green tea. The health benefits of green tea include reduced likelihood of disease and decreased inflammation. Other foods such as fermented foods, seaweed, honey, olive oil, avocados, seeds, and nuts have also been studied because of the medicinal qualities they contain.

By now, you have understood that food can be your body’s “medicine,” in a sense. Constant consumption of the food mentioned here will heal your body, without the need for pills. Of course, this means that food as medicine is for prevention. If you are already sick, you won’t get cured by these medicine foods.

How Food Can Serve As Medicine – Part 1


The types of food that you decide to consume has significant effects on your general well-being. Research studies have shown that your eating habits influence the likelihood of your contracting a disease. Some kinds of food can cause health issues, while other types of food have protective and medicinal properties. This is why many individuals state that food can serve as medicine.

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The Psychology Behind Buying Organic Food




Food suppliers and retailers have been using what psychology describes as emotionally charged words or phrases that have a tremendous impact on the personal choice of shoppers regarding the kinds of food products that they purchase. This is one of the most influential techniques that encourage consumers to turn towards the different products that are out in the market. This technique, together with some outdated ones, already existed even before, only that today they have become more high-level and sophisticated.

What Are Organic Products?

What’s organic is usually what’s in these days for consumers all over the world, but the truth is that most of us do not know what organic means and how it’s different from the other types of food. The view is that products that are said to be organic are healthier and cleaner and represent a group of foods that were planted and sown without any preservatives or pesticides added. There are, however, certain guidelines established by the Organic Trade Association should be followed before a product can be certified as truly organic. Specifically, the product must be void of ionizing radiation, genetically modified organisms, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and pesticides.

Stairway To Organic Buying

According to research, consumers are inclined to start buying one organic product, which begins their exploration of the organic industry. This leads them to purchase more organic products, especially when they have found a great liking of their first organic buy. Shoppers soon look for the ‘natural’ or ‘certified organic’ label almost always when they go grocery shopping. They are now easily convinced through persuasive messages and advertisements.

This ‘organic escalator’ has encouraged consumers to disregard the relatively high prices of organic products often. Once they are convinced, they tend to stay within the organic environment for long-term, which may be because they have seen some positive outcomes with buying these products. Initially, shoppers first purchase organic milk and eggs and then expand their horizons. Research also reveals that shoppers were buying and eating organic food or drink at least once a week.


What Is The Organic Way Of Living?

In a psychological aspect, there is a valid explanation of why a consumer buys organic food. He considers consuming organic products as a way of living and believes that this ‘habit’ of his has contributed to the positive values and changes that he has realized since then. This is not only seen in the consumer but also in the environment as a whole. Some of the values that the consumer reports he associates with are:

  • Universalism, protecting people and the ecosystem surrounding us
  • Ecology or our harmonious relationship with nature
  • Kindness, helping others improve their lives
  • Independence in thought and action

It is not difficult to see why these values are considered pivotal and why consumers can relate to these values. In 2016, the sales of organic products jumped to almost 9%, which reached $43 billion in America alone. Additionally, there have been no studies or trials that refuted the benefits of consuming organic food and drinks.

More and more potential buyers have been convinced to support organic products, as they continue to find more compelling reasons to purchase organic, one of which is the parents’ belief that practicing their kids to eat organic will help prevent disease and other health conditions. Another reason that is quite appealing to many is the fact that they are helping small and medium-scale farmers, some in their communities. Support for local agriculture and their workers is also a major objective of organic consumers.

About The Marketers

These individuals are tasked to show how certain products are healthier than the products that we were used to buying, and how many organic products are much healthier than the traditional ones. They convey an independence of action by refuting the usual system and advertising their products in a way that they are different, unique, and better. Eventually, the consumer’s mindset shifts and marketers build their brands and together work towards a common goal: to be able to penetrate the majority of consumers who are most interested and eager to change to an organic way of life. They usually start with dairy products like milk and eggs and then continue to the other products such as whole-wheat cereals, bread, meats, and drinks, among others.

Bottom Line


Reassuring and convincing consumers to purchase all-organic is a win for everyone – for the consumer because they’re truly much healthier, for the local workers, for popular major brands, and marketers as well. This is because the market allows higher prices for these organic products. One can determine whether organic sales have risen in your community is by monitoring the metrics throughout the whole annual sales cycle.





Therapist Suggests A Vegan Diet (How Is It Beneficial?)

We all know that vegetarians are those people who don’t consider eating the meat of any kind. That is whether it is fish, pork, and beef. However, it does not mean that these persons are entirely not eating animal products. Some of them are still consuming eggs or honey though. Most of these individuals are vegetarians for several reasons. It could be due to moral perception, religious beliefs, or everyday old dietary restrictions. Whatever the reasons are, science still proves a lot of benefits on this lifestyle. Those things are the primary reason why a therapist would more likely suggest it.


The truth is, people are worried about some of the adverse effects of becoming a vegetarian. Some of their concerns are vitamin deficiencies. They believe that the only source of vitamins, protein, and iron are from meat alone. But in recent studies, some results show the benefits of leaving animals off the plate. Meaning, sticking to a plant-based diet is entirely not that bad at all. In fortunate instances, it can even battle some of the chronic illnesses. But before we start changing our eating habits, we might want to consider some few critical guidelines too and consult an expert.

A Friendly Reminder

The essential thing that we need to consider is the awareness of what is right for our overall health. Since we come across to avoiding meat, we need to fill out the void from what we usually get from meat products. There should be lots and lots of variety. There must be a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain in our diet.

Since the plant-based diet is getting more and more attention these days, it allows us to have additional knowledge and options. With all the bombarded information, we need to pick the best one that matches our needs and lifestyle. That is because when we feel like doing something without pressure, we will more likely stick to it without exerting too much effort in trying. It is beneficial because the whole process will eventually show better results.


The Benefits

Choosing foods that are automatically less processed and contain fewer chemicals is one way of showing kindness to our body. Inducing healthy fruits and vegetables in our diet allows the rush of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, there is a high chance of receiving a total amount of nutrients essential for energy buildup. With that, we have a significant chance not only of having a better mind and body function but as well as better overall development.

Cholesterol only comes from the habit of consuming some dairy and animal products. Therefore, if we don’t eat those types of food, we are entirely cutting off cholesterols in the body. That is one of the most significant advantages because having lower cholesterol gives us a longer life. Aside from that, completely removing it from our system can significantly reduce the risk of many chronic health issues. These include immune deficiencies and stress-related conditions.

Because we choose to eat things that are more natural and less processed, we are more likely to attain lower blood sugar levels. It is essential for reducing our risk of diabetes. And since plant-based diet provides quality nutrients beneficial for the heart, it promotes better cardiovascular function. The whole required vitamins and minerals can work appropriately due to the lack of unwanted chemicals in the body.


Choosing a vegetarian diet can ideally give us the best glow because the water-based foods naturally put more water in the body to keep it hydrated. It supports a glowing effect due to its packed antioxidants that also fight a certain number of diseases. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber too. That explains why it is beneficial for the gut as well. Therefore, the healthier we are from the inside, the stronger we function on the outside.

The whole vegetarian process supports improved mental health. It promotes higher levels of happiness in a day to day experience. The entire plant-based eating system is not only good for the body, but it also cleanses the mind. It steers us to more positive thinking.

It’s not like you have to be a vegetarian in an instant and give up your favorite food. But it will not hurt if you try and consider it.


The 2015 San Diego Health And Lifestyle Expos: Going Organic And Loving It



The 2015 San Diego Health And Lifestyle Expos were a fantastic way for San Diego residents and neighboring cities as well to learn about going organic and healthy. Most of us think that going organic is just a trend that like many trends will just disappear with time. Also, some don’t opt for organic because it’s more costly than the regular food sold in the market. But before completely shying away from the concept of eating organic, let’s examine some of the wonderful things we get from introducing organic food in our mind and body.

It’s Pesticide-free. Many studies have implied that genetically modified organisms or GMO vegetables and fruits are treated with pesticides that in turn form pesticides inside them. This means that the regular food that we eat are loaded with pesticides, and obviously, this is so not good for our bodies, as they may cause threats to the different systems. Organic food has no pesticides and is grown naturally clean and without any chemicals.

GMO Foods Are Linked To Diseases. Among the conditions that have been reported by people who have regularly consumed GMO foods include intestinal damage, infertility, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. The truth is that there has not been much research about what these foods actually do to our bodies – it might even do worse.

Organic Is More Nutritious. Naturally grown fruits and vegetables produce more nutrients and are very high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Overall, it is undeniably healthier than regular food.


Organic Food Is Delicious. Foods that are organic don’t have pesticides and are not artificially modified, thus, they taste so much better. They have a richer and more gratifying flavor. And because they’re natural, they’re also very good for us and for the environment as well.

Going organic is a healthy trend that should be started and regularly practiced. Even better, we must learn to produce our own organic food. Fact is, non-organic food is more toxic to our physical and mental health.