What I Learned From The 2015 North Las Vegas Food Expo

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When I joined the 2015 North Las Vegas Food Expo, I was a newbie then. I was quite overwhelmed with the large venue and the number of participants. At the same time, I was so excited to listen to the speakers who were experts in the field of investing in food and beverage products. Present also were several investors in small and big food brands that were eager to grow their food business in Las Vegas.

As an amateur food entrepreneur, I grasped a lot of important information on the trending food flavors of the year. Since then, the Las Vegas Food Expo has been held annually.

Are you curious about what’s in a food expo? If you are undecided, read on and find out why you should try and attend a vegas food expo.

  1. Get to know wholesale and retail sellers and buyers. The event is filled with importers, exporters, grocery food chain managers, distributors, and restaurant and bar owners. They attend to see what’s new, affordable and trending in the food industry. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, then display your product. Provide enough samplers so everybody that’s anybody can try it out.
  2. Share your story. Nobody knows your story better than you do. Tell them about your experience buying or selling small-time, and your dreams of going big. This is great for customer and business relationships as well.
  3. Network with others. This is the best part of joining a food expo. Aside from selling your food brand, you get to learn a lot from other vendors like you, and those that have had more experience and have a lot of lessons to share with you. You’ll know the latest trends in the industry, not to mention being able to have a snack with one of them perhaps!
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Food expos are among the most productive events that would benefit the community and its members as a whole. Check out that expo in your town, or the town next to yours!





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