The 2015 San Diego Health And Lifestyle Expos: Going Organic And Loving It


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The 2015 San Diego Health And Lifestyle Expos were a fantastic way for San Diego residents and neighboring cities as well to learn about going organic and healthy. Most of us think that going organic is just a trend that like many trends will just disappear with time. Also, some don’t opt for organic because it’s more costly than the regular food sold in the market. But before completely shying away from the concept of eating organic, let’s examine some of the wonderful things we get from introducing organic food in our mind and body.

It’s Pesticide-free. Many studies have implied that genetically modified organisms or GMO vegetables and fruits are treated with pesticides that in turn form pesticides inside them. This means that the regular food that we eat are loaded with pesticides, and obviously, this is so not good for our bodies, as they may cause threats to the different systems. Organic food has no pesticides and is grown naturally clean and without any chemicals.

GMO Foods Are Linked To Diseases. Among the conditions that have been reported by people who have regularly consumed GMO foods include intestinal damage, infertility, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. The truth is that there has not been much research about what these foods actually do to our bodies – it might even do worse.

Organic Is More Nutritious. Naturally grown fruits and vegetables produce more nutrients and are very high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Overall, it is undeniably healthier than regular food.

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Organic Food Is Delicious. Foods that are organic don’t have pesticides and are not artificially modified, thus, they taste so much better. They have a richer and more gratifying flavor. And because they’re natural, they’re also very good for us and for the environment as well.

Going organic is a healthy trend that should be started and regularly practiced. Even better, we must learn to produce our own organic food. Fact is, non-organic food is more toxic to our physical and mental health.




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