2015 San Francisco Health And Fitness Expo – Meeting Amazing People

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I was new in the area, and being a fitness buff, I then went to the 2015 San Francisco Health And Fitness Expo. That’s how I met my friend, Kim, who is an inspiration to me. When I met her in that expo, she was 102 kilos. Kim was the only one there who, well let’s say it bluntly, the one who wasn’t “fit.” But that didn’t stop her. This girl was on a mission, and her primary objective was to change. TOTAL CHANGE.

She boldly told me that she wanted to be a new person, eat right, be fit, and do whatever it takes to be healthy physically and mentally. Later on, I found out that Kim was a battered and abused wife for ten years and she recently got out of her terrible marriage.

And so, with the help of the organizers of the health and fitness expo, Kim was introduced to various dietitians and fitness trainers. All of them spoke with her, and they gave her their expert advice. Of course, Kim had to choose what fit her lifestyle and schedule. She tried Intermittent Fasting with a select menu programmed by a food expert and dietitian. Kim also had a variety of intense activities on a day to day basis. She went to yoga and meditation every Monday. Kim’s Tuesday schedule was kickboxing. On Wednesdays, she would do some strength training. Every Thursday, it was again kickboxing. Fridays for her is strength training again.

Source: pixabay.com

It was so full, and I couldn’t believe how she handled everything on top of her 8-5 office job. As I said, she was on a mission; a mission towards TOTAL CHANGE. It came sooner, though, and all her sacrifices paid off. In a month, Kim lost 5 kilos. Every month after that, it was anywhere between 5-7 kilos. She was amazing, and with her transformation a year after, Kim has changed.

She wasn’t the frumpy battered wife that I met on the health and fitness expo. Years after, my friend and my inspiration, is now the modern and independent woman of the 21st century who proved that in life, change for the better is attainable.

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