6 Fast-Digestive Protein Sources You Need To Know About

Fast-food meals are admittedly the comfort foods that friends and family members tend to look for during stressful times. The reason behind it is unknown to many. It isn’t as if there are no warnings online and offline regarding the adverse effects of such foods. Still, you can see people lining up in a franchise to buy fries, cheeseburgers, or fried chicken every day.

Nonetheless, if you want to get away from fast foods and remove excess fats that you have accumulated due to it, there’s a solution for you: fast-digestive protein.

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From what we heard, the fast-digestive protein supplements can do amazing things for your muscle-building crusade. Despite that, if you have no plans of having bulging muscles, it may better to eat organic foods that offer the same benefit.

How Is It Different From Slow-Digestive Protein?

It seems inappropriate to go on without differentiating the fast-digestive protein from the slow-digestive ones.
You see, the metabolic rate of a person depends on their habits. If you exercise more than you eat, your body should be able to process the food more quickly. However, there are protein sources that are difficult to digest from the get-go.

One particular example of a slow-digestive protein is casein. This substance is typically found in dairy products. E.g., cheese, milk, and ice cream. Unfortunately, the enzyme that’s supposed to break it down – dipeptidyl peptidase IV – doesn’t get produced enough in our gut. The result is that it clumps together and takes hours to digest. Hence, people try to stay away from these foods while on a strict diet.

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6 Fast-Digestive Protein Sources

1. Whey

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders pay particular attention to whey beverages these days? They are after the lengthy chain of amino acids that this protein has. From what we recall from the basic chemistry classes in college, the former makes up various cellular structures. Hence, the more of these building blocks you have, the better your muscles will become.

There is a long-standing debate regarding whey and casein if you must know. These are both complete protein, and the latter is extra abundant in milk. The first-mentioned gets absorbed easier (in just an hour, apparently) than the other one, though, so many prefer to drink it.

Whey used to only come from dairy along with casein. Thanks to smart innovations, the product may already be derived from eggs, soybeans, and different plant materials.

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2. Lean Meat

When talking about fast-digestive protein, it doesn’t feel right to skip lean meat. Chicken breast, salmon, and even tenderloin – yes, they are all great sources of amino acids. Lean beef is also another option, as long as you choose the parts correctly.

It is beneficial for people who want to have muscles but are not fans of whey. After all, some folks still appreciate eating protein instead of drinking it. As you cook the meat, of course, you should use the tiniest bit of oil so that you can keep your heart – and the rest of your body – healthy.

3. Quinoa

We did not understand the hype surrounding quinoa – the ultimate rice alternative – at first. It does look like regular rice in the pictures; that’s why we did not think much about it. But then, the realization that it is a pseudo-grain hit us after tasting quinoa.

A few searches later, we found out that quinoa contains nine amino acids and more vitamins. This product has superior protein content compared to brown rice too. Thus, you can tell that it provides healthier benefits than most foods.


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4. Eggs

If you are not a vegan and looking for an easily digestible food, have a whole egg. How you want to cook, it does not matter, to be honest. You may boil, poach, or scramble the egg, yet the process won’t lessen the amount of protein it can offer.

Nonetheless, you should watch your food intake, especially if you are dealing with high cholesterol levels or heart disease. The maximum number of eggs you ought to consume every week is six, but even that claim requires more scientific backing.

5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a unique fast-digestive protein source has too many perks to boast of. They are at least a millimeter in size when dry, yet they expand once you leave them in water or any beverage. They also have dietary fibers which can speed up your metabolism. Furthermore, the seeds have a slight anti-inflammatory property, so adding them to your energy drink may help reduce the soreness that you tend to feel post-workout.

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6. Nut Butter

Snacks should not be heavy, but it will be nice to eat nut butter daily. The reason is that nuts, in general, are decent sources of protein. A spoonful of it, therefore, can be beneficial for your diet.

The product can come from either almond or peanut. What you should check more carefully is the type of butter you’re going to purchase. For faster digestion, you need to opt for the smooth variety. If you love the ones with chunky bits, though, you should know that they are far more complicated to break down. In addition to that, always choose from the organic brands since they usually make use of unsalted nuts.

In A Nutshell

Fast-digestive protein can be found in regular foods that you have probably been eating your entire life. There are diverse products available for meat and vegan lovers; that’s why there’s no reason for anyone to say that they should only stick to supplements.

Give the natural foods mentioned above a try to be able to replace your fats with muscles. Good luck!

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