Start Eating Healthy – Choose Organic


Some studies suggest eating organic foods because it is healthy. There are more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and micronutrients in it. Some people say that it tastes better too. That is due to the sustained, managed, and nourished soil that allows a much better natural cycle. Also, organic produce cannot be genetically modified in a way. Therefore, the complete and balanced-nutrients stays as is. Though some organic foods don’t always look as beautiful and as big as those conventionally processed ones, the benefits are generally better. It is well-balanced and well-nourished. On top of that, the soil products are much healthier. The organic foods are cultivated to taste better and provide more nutrients compared to the conventional products.

Aside from that, eating organic products helps us to avoid genetically modified organisms (GMO) that contaminate most of the supply of foods we consume. In most conventional food processing, produce use antibiotics, other drugs, and some animal products. When ingested, this can lead to various diseases that cause hormonal imbalance. In worst cases, it makes you more susceptible to chronic infections as well.


More About GMO

Some people might consider GMO, but from a broader perspective, it is still unhealthy. GMO can potentially damage the organs, cause gastrointestinal problems, and even destroy the body’s immune system. In some cases, it also leads to infertility as well as accelerates the aging process. It causes a long-term problem too such as reproductive disorders, autism, digestive issues, and allergies. Since conventional meat and dairy constrains higher risk of having contamination, the harmful substances affect these products by more than 90 percent.

GMO can survive the effects of nuclear wastes and global warming because it serves to exist for the disadvantage of the eco-system. It reduces biodiversity by polluting water and soil resources. Therefore, its impact on the food system is huge. Its unpredictable side effects target the body’s genes and cause it to collapse. The damage produces allergens, a new set of toxins, carcinogens, and even nutritional deficiencies.

Pesticide Intake Problems

Also, pesticide chemicals are found in most meats and dairy products as well. There is a report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that tackles about pesticide intakes. The study shows that contamination mostly comes from dairy and meat products. That’s because these products are on top of the food chain. Meaning, it accumulates all the unwanted toxins in a particular chain, especially in the fatty tissues. Chicken, cows, fish, and pigs, are fed with animal parts and some byproducts. Most of these contain heavily collected chemicals and toxins.

A pesticide is a poison because it is designed to kill insects, especially bugs. The National Academy of Sciences reported that there is 90 percent of pesticides applied in each product. That’s because some chemicals didn’t undergo testing for long-term health benefits before they get recognized as safe products. Further, the research found that some of the foods already out in the market are not safe enough for consumption. It is due to the toxic residues that stick on the produce.

More Antibiotics In Food

The mixture of different drugs, antibiotics, and growth hormones affects food nutrition and limits its potential health benefits. That’s because the produced 70 percent of antibiotics in the United States alone are given to animals for non-therapeutic purposes. These antibiotics help in artificially increasing the amount of milk, meat, and cattle produce without the need for extra feed. That is why most conventional farmers consider it convenient for mass manufacturing.


All people want to stay healthy. However, everyone should start making a move. By changing the way they grow, cultivate and processes food, they begin a step closer to becoming one.