Here’s Why You Should Consider Organic Food


Do you know that the hormones fed to the cows, chicken, and other dairy product you consume cannot be broken down even at a higher temperature? Meaning, the substance remains intact and incomplete in form whenever you tend to consume most conventional produce. That’s the reason why hormone supplementation in most farms becomes a big concern of the world health. The organization somehow believes that the beef, dairy products, and farmed fish have no acceptable safe level for daily consumption due to growth hormones.

The Negative Impacts Of Growth Hormones, Pesticides, And Antibiotics In Food

Though there is an extensive campaign for the adverse effect of growth hormones found in most of the food you eat, the United States of America still consider using the substance to create more conventional food for the masses genetically. Little they did know that most consumer concerns include the early onset puberty on food production, the growth of tumors, heightened cancer risks, and other genetic problems. Since growth hormones are genetically modified, it directly links to more chronic diseases, especially in women.


Many experts and scientists warn people about the rampant use of growth hormones and antibiotics in animal feed. That is because the feed also contains a high amount of tetracycline and penicillin that breeds and hinders the immune system to defend itself from potential damages. Dr. Almond, a senior scientist in the National Defense Resource, noted that there are factors that cause serious public health issue in the country. These include overutilization of growth hormones, antibiotics, and added animals parts in our food chain. He also talks about the rendering of essential antibiotics that becomes ineffective to disease when overconsumption takes place.

Pesticides, on the other hand, impact the more substantial portion of the environment. It destroys the agricultural diversity by reducing the number of species and their habitats. In the last century, there is a massive 75 percent loss of natural diversity due to the increase of genetically modified procedures. From there, people suffer heavily on the outcome such experiencing different kinds of deficiencies and hormonal imbalance they get from the formulated foods.

These natural cycle will normally won’t function with conventional farming practices. Not only the process contaminates and poisons out the environment and destroys the value of the fertile farmland, but it also doesn’t give us enough nutrition we need. And every year, there are hundreds and millions of dollars allocated for farming that heavily favors commercial agriculture businesses. It peels off the layer of safe and environment-friendly agriculture.  It increases the cost of health problems, the extinction of wildlife and environmental damage.


Organic Foods Are Way More Better

There’s a need to limit the consumption of food that contains a high amount of toxins. That is the reason why organic food is beneficial. Natural products are essential for the overall development, especially for children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women. It allows the complete consumption of balance nutrients from the naturally grown food. It also helps prevent autoimmune and chronic diseases. Organic produce also reduce pollution and prevent waters from getting contaminated. Certified organic standards avoid and do not permit the usage of toxic chemicals in farming.

Choosing organic products will not only provide health benefits to human beings but also preserve and maintain the balance of the eco-system through natural farming. There is a preservation of soil crops that support the abstinence of chemical substances. Organic agriculture helps with the better population of useful insects, birds, and soil organisms, which contributes to a betterment of the wildlife. If you keep spending money on organic products, it allows a direct point for a more sustainable future for the coming generations.

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